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Old 08-Mar-2009, 15:02
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Sports Golf

A world pastime. A uniting, centuries-old activity that brings countries from all over the world together to have fu- I kid.

Golf is incredibly pointless and I will prove it.

The fun in the game is hitting the ball, and the goal of the game is to hit the ball as few times as possible. The most fun I get of golf is beating my neighbor with my club or sending balls over my fence to hit my neighbor's house. Good stuff.

So share your experience with golf. What fun have you possibly gotton out of it?
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Old 08-Mar-2009, 15:07
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I went to a golf course once.


At a really nice place that required membership running 100k per year.

As a kid I played a lot of sports. Baseball and football were my favorites. Naturally a child that has played baseball all his life and has never had a golf club swings it... Like a bat.

So, I did. And I hit it. And it flew. Straight, long, nice shots.

And then I got warned about leaving divots in the turf.

So I took a few more swings to try to keep my feet still instead of stepping into the ball. I failed.

I've been kicked out of one of the nicest country clubs in America.

That's my one and only golf experience.

Golf sucks.
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Old 08-Mar-2009, 15:08
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Oh wait...

I thought golf was about getting the ball as far away from the hole as possible.
Now I know why I got kicked out of that minigolf place.
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Old 08-Mar-2009, 15:25
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I just hit the point where I now get to play golf. However, the area where we start out playing golf is in a system of cavernous valleys and ledges. Once, I had it where the ball on the other side of a the wall where the hole was near, and it expected me to get it in one shot, just because they were close to each other.

Really now, like I'm going to swing the ball across the canyon, have it bounce off the wall, and land perfectly in one shot.

It was best over in Chapter 7, where all the levels are wide, deep hallways with rooms that do not have pits nor gutters. Best time to partake in golf, Chapter 7. The only bad part is all the Chapter 7 areas get locked out when you go for the bonus Chapter 8.
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Old 08-Mar-2009, 19:52
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Yuck Golf is boring, but I still like to play the game though
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Old 23-Mar-2009, 17:57
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Golf is one of those games that sucks donkey balls until you start improving at it. If you can get to the point where you actually hit a really good shot now and then, at that point it becomes addictive.

I would play every day if I could.
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