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Yeah, we did it.
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We checked and apparently right now if you have someone listed on your friends list for the boards, and you also have this group set to view your blog (which is the default and strictest control), that's that.

There doesn't appear to be a way to be friends with someone on the boards and not let them have access to your blog currently.

There is a new update coming out shortly, however.

For now, you guys can do one of two things. We know you don't want to be anti-social by kicking people off your friends list; people you like but that you don't want to realize you have a fetish for sucking off members of the same gender.

You can:

A) Create a secondary account for private blogging that you only share with select people.

B) Kick people off your friends list that you don't want to see your blog.

Hopefully the next upgrade will have a better system. For now this is one of the limitations of the program.